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Ancient Woodland

A collection of images capturing the enduring splendour of an ancient woodland within a single square mile of North Yorkshire. 

The Crimple Valley

A collection of landscape photographs showcasing Crimple Valley, a stunning part of the Special Landscape Area that adorns Harrogate's southern fringes. 

Harrogate Landscapes

A collection of landscape images through the diverse scenery surrounding Harrogate

North Yorkshire's Wild Moorlands

An exploration of the desolate moorland landscapes of North Yorkshire.

The Crimple Viaduct

Straddling the picturesque Crimple Valley between Pannal and Hornbeam Park stations in Harrogate North Yorkshire, this Grade II listed structure is not just a feat of railway engineering but a breath-taking sight. 

School Run

The same daily walk over many years

Yorkshire Dales

The unique landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Rugged textures of limestone pavements contrast beautifully with the resilience of lone trees standing against the elements.

Seascapes of the Outer Hebrides

Seascape images from the Outer Hebrides, where the tranquil beauty of the Atlantic meets the rugged Scottish coast


An exploration of the night sky from North Yorkshire