Ancient Woodland

A collection of images capturing the enduring splendour of an ancient woodland within a single square mile of North Yorkshire. 

Ancient Woodland A tranquil dawn overlooking an ancient woodland; bare, silhouetted trees frame a mist-veiled landscape with a prominent rock formation in the foreground, creating a serene, mystical atmosphere.
The Crimple Valley A vast wheat field, ripe and golden-brown, stretches under a dramatic sky over the Crimple Valley. A pathway cuts through the center, leading towards distant hills dotted with trees. The sky is a mix of dark storm clouds and brighter patches where sunlight breaks through, highlighting the wheat's rich color and creating a scene of imminent weather change, contrasting the tranquillity of the rural landscape.

The Crimple Valley

A collection of landscape photographs showcasing Crimple Valley, a stunning part of the Special Landscape Area that adorns Harrogate's southern fringes. 

Harrogate Landscapes

A collection of landscape images through the diverse scenery surrounding Harrogate

Harrogate Landscapes A serene dawn in Harrogate: the sun, a soft orb, rises in a misty, peach-toned sky. Lush green grass, dewy and vibrant, stretches into the distance. A simple wooden fence partially emerges from the fog, guiding the eye through the tranquil, hazy meadow.
North Yorkshire's Wild Moorlands An intense sunrise bathes North Yorkshire moorland in soft light. Lichen-speckled rocks and heather streak the foreground, while a misty expanse stretches towards a hazy horizon.

North Yorkshire's Wild Moorlands

An exploration of the desolate moorland landscapes of North Yorkshire.

The Crimple Viaduct

Straddling the picturesque Crimple Valley between Pannal and Hornbeam Park stations in Harrogate North Yorkshire, this Grade II listed structure is not just a feat of railway engineering but a breath-taking sight. 

The Crimple Viaduct The Crimple Valley Viaduct's stone structure bathed in sunlight. Arches rise from sturdy pillars, their shadows striping the textured walls. The golden hue of the stone contrasts with the soft arch shadows, evoking a sense of historic grandeur.
School Run An old, gnarled tree with bare, intertwining branches dominates the view against a misty, ethereal backdrop. The contorted tree limbs stretch skywards, enveloped by a soft, diffuse light, creating an atmospheric, almost otherworldly forest scene.

School Run

The same daily walk over many years

Yorkshire Dales

The unique landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Rugged textures of limestone pavements contrast beautifully with the resilience of lone trees standing against the elements.

Yorkshire Dales A rugged landscape with windswept grasses and lichen-covered rocks in the foreground. Beyond lies a deep limestone ravine edged by sheer cliffs, under a dusky sky in Yorkshire Dales.
Seascapes of the Outer Hebrides A sweeping sandy beach graces the foreground, with gentle waves caressing the shore and leaving a smooth, wet surface. A grass-topped dune rises to the right, bathed in warm light from a softly lit sky streaked with lavender and gold hues. In the distance, gentle hills fade into the horizon under a tranquil sky.

Seascapes of the Outer Hebrides

Seascape images from the Outer Hebrides, where the tranquil beauty of the Atlantic meets the rugged Scottish coast


Night time landscape photography

Nightscapes A solitary tree stands beside a stone wall under a starry sky, with a milky strip of galaxy visible. Below, gentle hills cradle a reflective body of water, glowing faintly from the crescent moon rising on the horizon.
Edge Land

Edge Land

Taken between 2012 and 2013 these large format images are an unfiltered exploration of the outskirts of south Harrogate where town meets countryside. 

The 521

Images from the bus journey to work on the 521 from Illingworth to Halifax in the late 1990's 

 The 521 Morning Bus Ride