Woodland landscape photographer
Ancient Woodlands

Ancient Woodland

Ancient woodlands have rich and complex ecosystems, they are irreplaceable. This project explores one such woodland over many years.

The Crimple Valley, Harrogate

The Crimple Valley

A closer look at the landscape which rings the southern fringes of Harrogate in North Yorkshire

Moorland landscapes, North Yorkshire

Moorland Landscape

An exploration of the moorland landscapes in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Isle of Harris

Isle of Harris

A brief exploration of the power of the elements and never ending motion of sea and sky along the coastline of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

From other landscape photographers

"Tristan is a UK based photographer who produces some of the most sensitive, magical and evocative landscape images I've seen. Nearly every one of his images has a thought-provoking quality that endears me to them and gives his work lasting impact. He is a master at capturing moods. His photographs range from the quiet, lonely, ethereal and mysterious, and open the doors to our imagination. Tristan's work has always kept me looking because I find such emotion in his work. It tells of a fusion between what was captured by the camera and the essential vision of the photographer. It's something I strive for myself - to not only capture a time and place, but to capture something of your experience and relationship with nature as well. There's a magical brilliance about all of Tristan's painterly images that showcases his unique vision and his connection the places he photographs."

Marc Adamus, Mountain Trail Blog

"Tristan's image has a really strong sensory appeal; it flows and fits together, but at the same time it doesn't adhere to any conventional photographic structure ... at the same time, the scence is joyfully under-saturated compared to a modern digital shot. I find this image to be a sanctuary, a departure from the pressures of my working world. Tristan's a painter, and he brings a different mindset to this scene that transcends the digital masses. There is a photographic freedom here that I enjoy without defining - a pure emotional response. It's a freedom I'd like to explore..."

David Clapp, Digital Camera Mazagine

"This picture is quite magical, capturing the essential elements of a winter morning. The success of the composition lies in its simplicity and clarity. The wall's converging perspective draws us into the depths of the picture space, where we find the tree, whose beautiful canopy is asymmetrical, like the composition itself. The mist creates a haunting atmosphere, whilst the crispness of the froston the wall, such a symbol of the Yorkshire landscape, is a tangible counterpoint. The deep winter snowfields and weeks of subzero temperatures some of us remember from childhood are now only a memory, and as global warming gathers pace, scenes such as this may become rare indeed. In that sense, the photograph is also a poignant reminder of the fading beauty of winter. "

Joe Cornish, North Yorkshire Times